I was visiting our Hillsborough County Extension Office in Seffner, Florida and was taken aback by a plant that I also have in my own garden. It s called a thryallis. It s a lovely small leafed bush that can get to 6 feet x 6 feet and has the most beautiful small yellow flowers in a flower head. It begins to bloom in late Spring and blooms until the Fall.

This plant likes full sun, but can take a light shade. The more sun, the better it blooms. It likes well drained soil (our sand is perfect). Once established the plant is very drought tolerant. I never water mine, and it s still grows great. It is hardy in Zones 9 – 11 (and root hardy in zone 8). In the Spring it requires a good pruning, unless you want it leggy. I fertilize it with a good balanced fertilizer when I fertilize the rest of my yard.

It can be propagated from seed (I think this would take a long time), and soft wood cuttings. This is not an expensive plant and can be bought at the local box stores for under $7.00 in a 2 gallon pot. It s a plant that had no major insect or disease problems (Rah!).

I love this plant as in the photo below, the green and yellow thryallis in front and the green with purple flowered golden dew drop behind it. The yellow vs purple is breathtaking. This plant is a nectar plant for our Butterfly Garden, and could also be considered a butterfly shelter plant.

For more information go to: and CFID=5778159 CFTOKEN=72700342

(Photo: Thryallis)

(Photo: Thryallis Flower Head)

(Photo: Thryallis with Golden Dew Drop in Background)

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  1. Grasshopper says:

    I love this plant. We have it too and it’s fantastic even when it’s not blooming adn fresh cuttings smell like peanuts to me.

  2. PegEgg says:

    Hi Grasshopper, I love it with the purple background plant of the Golden Dew Drop. I want to get a couple more. It’s just a lovely plant. Please tell all your friends about “Gardenersreach.” Ha H!

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