Golden Dewdrop

One of my favorite Butterfly Garden bushes/small trees is the beautiful Golden Dewdrop. With it s lovely purple flowers, cascading down into golden berry pendants, this plant is a great addition to your garden. I really like this bush paired with the yellow Thryallis. The purple and yellow are fabulous together. The flowers come in blue, lavender and white forms. The yellow berries are a favorite of birds.

The Golden Dewdrop is a large, sprawling bush or small tree that in Central Florida tops off at about 8 feet (it can get larger in S. Florida). I grow mine in full sun, but it can tolerate some shade. It needs well drained soil. Once established it s somewhat drought tolerant, but probably would grow better with weekly waterings during dry periods. It takes regular fertilizing.

Because of it s sprawling, floppy or vinelike branches, it needs a good Spring pruning and an occasional later pruning if it grows “a little wild.” It can be pruned at any time. A good freeze will hit it hard, but with a good pruning it should come back. Some cultivar have spines, others do not.

The Golden Dewdrop is easily obtainable at any of the large box stores and is not expensive. It can be propagated by cuttings.

(Photo: Golden Dewdrop)

(Photo: Golden Dewdrop Flower)

(Photo: Golden Dewdrop behind Thryllis )

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  1. Sherry Louer says:

    Several months ago I decided to prune my somewhat small Golden Dewdrop into a standard. It is about 4 feet tall now and seems to be thriving!

  2. PegEgg says:

    Hi Sherry – I always remember about pruning that it’s like giving the pant a massage. And how much do we like a good massage. I love the Golden Dewdrops at the Extension Office. So lovely and majestic. Be sure and give her a little fertilizer and watch her grow. We still have at least 3 months of this years growing season. Hope you are enjoying Gardeners Reach and visit often.

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