Porous Containers for Container Gardening

When we talk about container gardening, one of the most important factors is to pick the right container for the right plant. Although it is true that almost any container can be used to pot a plant, this article will focus on the “normal” containers for container gardening and talk about their positive aspects.

Probably the container that we are most familiar with when we think of a pot – is the unglazed, terra cotta pot. This would be considered a porous container. Other porous containers include clay pots (unglazed), wood pots and baskets and hypertufa pots.

Photo’s: Bok Tower Gardens

Some things to remember about porous pots are that the pot dries out fast, wicking away moisture from the soil of the potted plant. Many plants grow best when they are watered and dry out in between, but other plants that are more “water loving” might dry out too much, if not watered more often.

Wood pots and baskets are ideal for many plants, including many kinds of orchids and insulate the plant to keep the roots cooler than terra cotta.

So when choosing a pot remember the cultural requirements of the plant. How much sun, water and food will it need and how best can you provide the right environment for the plant to thrive.

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