Non-Porous Containers for Container Gardening

We have previously talked about porous gardening containers, and so this article will focus on non-porous gardening containers.

Some examples of non-porous gardening containers would be glazed pots and plastic pots. It would also include non-porous metal pots of brass, copper and aluminum.

Today there are so many beautiful glazed containers on the market that they have actually become a focal point or artistic addition to lanai and yard.

Non-porous pots and baskets hold moisture much better and longer thus the plants do not dry out as fast between watering. In addition plastic pots are less expensive, lighter and easier to clean than the terra cotta pots. Today they are making many plastic pots to look like terra cotta, but with a much lower price tag and much lighter in weight. Plastic is also much harder to break.

Make sure that all pots, regardless of kind, have drainage holes in the bottom. There are a few plants that like wet feet, or are bog plants, but most plants do not like to sit in water and will die rather quickly if proper drainage is not provided.

Choosing the right container for your plant will provide your plant with an environment to thrive and flourish. And if you find that the container you have provided does not work that well, it s not a hard process to take your plant out of one container and put it into another. That s the fun of container gardening – if at first you don t succeed, try, try again.

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